Kate2Board, noun: A table spread with a meal.

Fodder, noun: Raw material, as for artistic creation.

Hi! My name is Kate Bayus, and I love food. I’ve been cooking since I was a child in my Mom’s kitchen. I started like most kids do with simple scrambled eggs, but over the years I’ve explored all kinds of cuisines.

I don’t have any culinary degrees, and my knife skills are still somewhat lacking, but that doesn’t stop me.

Some of my fondest memories with friends and family center around the meals we’ve had and dishes that each of them were famous for. My grandmother Bayus’ kitchen always smelled like bacon, and to this day when I cook it I think of her. My grandmother Marr was known for her amazing pies – her lemon meringue and apple were the best, the crust flaked and melted in your mouth! No visit was complete without her making french toast for breakfast. My best friend since the third grade, Dara, is known for her awesome Pumpkin Cheesecake, and her Dad’s Chicken Parm with his secret Red Sauce is the the stuff of legend. Food is intrinsically linked to every person and phase of my life, as it likely is for most.

Needless to say, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and nothing gives me more pleasure than cooking a full dinner for the ones I love. I’ve made turkey’s since I was in my early twenties, and never had one go wrong. My roommate says I have a gift with poultry!

Food is the one thing that always manages to help people connect, and I love that about it. Everyone’s family has their own special recipes, and I hope that through this blog I can share some of mine, along with putting a spotlight on other aspects of great food: from local restaurants that I think are exceptional, to highlighting the farm to table movement, and getting back to basics by supporting local growers and farmer’s markets. One day I hope to take my blog on a wider scale and share foods from all around the country and world. But, until I can afford it, for now I’ll keep the focus on my own backyard.

And what a backyard it is! I’ve lived most of my life in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., and thanks to that I’ve had the good fortune of being exposed to a myriad of cuisines and great foods. From Vietnamese Pho to stellar BBQ (Korean and Southern), Fine Dining French cuisine, to killer burgers. And just to the west of me are a myriad of great wineries that rival those in Northern California. There’s a lot of great food right here in NoVa. I hope you enjoy learning more about it.

I have many passions in my life, and have always been a creative person, so I hope I can use my love of photography to make this blog even better. Though I’m kind of limited right now with my equipment – an old iPhone 3gs, and 9 year old Canon Powershot , I hope with time to upgrade to bigger and better cameras and photos. My biggest passion over all is writing, so it seems to make sense to me: Food + Photography + Writing = Board and Fodder.

I’ll endeavor to make this blog entertaining and informative: I hope you’ll find some recipes you haven’t tried and want to, along with recipes you haven’t had in years and want to re-visit; I’ll do my best to introduce you to great restaurants, and people who are also passionate about food. Thanks for sharing this culinary journey with me!

Happy eating!

Kate xoxo


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