Book Review: Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water

Infuse Oil Water SpiritInfuse: Oil, Spirit, Water is a beautiful book written by Eric Prum and Josh Williams, Brooklyn-based designers who originally met at the University of Virginia. It was while at school that the seed for this book was first planted. It all began with some Kentucky bourbon and fresh peaches put in a mason jar. A few weeks later the magic of infusions was clear, and a jar of summertime hooch has now grown into a thriving business.

The cornerstone of this business is a little gadget Prum & Williams have created called The Mason Tap. Frustrated by the difficulties that can come from pouring their infusions out of a wide-rimmed mason jar, this duo was inspired to design and create a spout that can attach to any mason jar, and makes pouring their infused concoctions a breeze – The Mason Tap.

Although my initial impression of this book was that it was more style over substance, like a big ad for the Mason Tap as well as their design firm, W&P Design, upon deeper inspection it’s clearly quite the opposite. There’s a lot of wonderful infusions in this book, as well as a number of tasty recipes that you can use the infusions in. They guide you through the basics of what infusions are and take you step by step through the process of making them. And, it’s awfully pretty to look at.

Infuse edit

Their design sensibility is apparent with the turn of every page. Stunning photography, beautifully styled and honoring the simplicity of a few simple ingredients that can combine to make a product that is even more delightful than the sum of its parts. There is also deep attention to the actual printing of the book, with a matte/rubberized cover that’s great for any errant spills as you’re working with liquids.

They refer to the alchemy of infusions, and anyone who has tried their hand at such understands the kind of magic they’re referring to. Time and patience are all that’s needed to make these delightful concoctions. I would definitely recommend this book, especially for folks who like to bring another dimension of flavor to their cooking. Plus, it’s a wonderful addition to the home bartender who wants to try their hand at creating custom cocktails. The secret of the new cocktail movement is often the custom infusions that professional mixologists make. This book will give anyone a good foundation for exploring these timeless infusions,inspire the reader to come up with their own infusions, and it would make a great gift for the foodie/cocktail-maven in your life!

Happy Eating!

Kate xoxo


I received this book through the Blogging For Books program in exchange for this review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are solely mine.


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