Brinner – Breakfast for dinner, a hug at the end of a rough day



The past week has been a really hectic one. Stressful and dotted with hideous migraines, so cooking hasn’t been a top priority for me. But a girl’s still gotta eat. My answer to  the need to nosh and the reticence to cook is, Brinner.

I try to cook most nights. It’s cheaper, it’s healthier, and it’s what adults do, right? Of course we all succumb to the quick fast food pick up on hurried days. Nothing wrong with that. But, some nights a regular dinner just seems like too much, and fast food is too heavy and greasy to stomach. Get it, stomach? Yeah… groan.

Anyway, I also have those days where the pantry is a little thin because I haven’t made it to the store to buy groceries, or I flaked out the night before and forgot to pull something from the freezer to defrost, or I just don’t feel very inspired to make anything from my dinner catalog. So what to do? My answer – breakfast.

Blasphemy, you say, Breakfast is for breakfast. But I think we need to add a new word to our dining vocabulary: Brinner.

We’ve already pushed breakfast into the lunch hour with brunch. Yeah, but that’s for weekends or special occasions, you say. Fair enough point. And it’s usually because it’s on days where we actually get to sleep in, and still want breakfast foods to start our day. But why relegate the comfort of breakfast foods to only the first half of the day? I say we take it all the way through and embrace the warm hug of a plate of french toast at 6 in the evening.

I love to make breakfast for dinner. Let’s face it, what’s easier than cooking some eggs or toasting bread? Nothing. And it’s really not much more work to cook up some ham or bacon and add hashbrowns to the mix. Particularly when there are some really great products out there where the potatoes are already shredded and you just need to slap those babies in the pan to fry up and get golden and toasty.

You can even make yourself feel a little better by making omlettes. For some reason that’s an egg dish that seems to transcend all times of day. Plus, if you’ve still got enough energy and feel inspired, why not take your breakfast staples and get creative?  Top your toast with homemade bacon onion jam. Add exotic mushrooms to your omelette, or sun-dried tomatoes and some feta cheese.

Diner’s serve breakfast all day long, so why can’t you? Besides, nothing is quite so comforting as a nice plate of simple breakfast foods. Give yourself a break, take a breath at the end of a long day, and make some Brinner.

Happy eating!

Kate xoxo

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